Emilie Baudrais was born in Blaye (33) in 1985.

Holder of a Bachelor of Fine Arts then graduated from Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo in 2010, her artistic passion began with painting to find its revelation through the art of mosaic.


She started teaching in 2011 in Sardinia then returned to settle in France where she has been building since 2017 a course of contemporary open-air mosaics in the village of Plassac, in Gironde, through which she continues to transmit her techniques to passionate trainees. .


On her journey she won some recognitions such as the Grand Prix Pèlerin du Patrimoine in 2106, the first prize in the international mosaic competition in Nazzano "l'Arte del Mosaico" in 2012 and in 2019. She is also known for her jewelry creations. , its online training courses as well as in its “Babylon Mosaic” workshop.


“My specialty is summed up in the sensitive experience that can be created with all types of mosaic materials. Composing, bringing the work to life and making the different materials communicate with each other, with harmony and refinement, naturalness and fluidity, are part of the vocabulary of artistic expression that characterizes my way of approaching contemporary mosaic.


Each piece must be worked like a jewel, being inspired by the forms and forces of nature while delicacy and progressive play of volumes. In any case, in mosaic, the learned mixtures of colors and the revelation of the beauty of the textures by the light continue to fascinate me like a metaphor of universal magic. This is what I try to convey on a daily basis. "